Spring Retreat: Renaissance Faire

Invitation to a Renaissance Writing Faire virtual retreat from May 24-June 4.

Hear ye! Hear ye!

Gentle Writer, you are hereby invited to participate in a virtual writing retreat designed to inspire, invigorate, and entertain! We, your Masters of Ceremonies, have crafted two weeks full of lessons, curated content, games, writing time, and social gatherings via the magick of the internet. Come for the camaraderie, stay for the turkey legs.

Our agenda includes the following tantalizing items:

  • Virtual costume contest
  • Membership in one of our guilds & an exclusive Slack channel only for fellow guild members
  • Virtual hangouts
  • Writing sprints
  • Exclusive membership in both our Facebook group and our Ren Faire Slack channels
  • An online jousting tournament where you can compete for virtual prizes with your guild members
  • A medieval banquet menu with easy-to-follow recipes so you can join the fun on banquet night (Or hey, summon yon DoorDashing knave to bring you your supper. No judgment here.)
  • A series of in-depth webinars on the following topics:
    • Artisan & Craft: Becoming a Artisan Original in Your Craft (developing a unique style through imagery, voice, & design to become the Da Vinci of your genre)
    • Knife Throwing: Crafting a truly terrifying villain
    • Jester: Adding authentic, organic humor to your story
    • Birds of Prey: Responding to critique partners, critics, and readers
  • Plenty of curated content and activities throughout each week

Our esteemed Faire is just right for the professional scribe or the apprentice just starting out. You’ll be sorted into a guild where you can build friendships with other writers. You’ll laugh, learn, and leave our kingdom’s borders with a community of your own. This invitation doth have its limits, Gentle Writer, as there are only so many spots available at our sumptuous table. Pray, do not delay! Make haste to secure your spot, bring a friend or three, and sharpen both your wits and your pen as you embark upon this most wondrous event.


$75 Buy Now and then fill out this Registration Form.

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