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Sign up for one of our virtual or in-person events! We’ll help you develop your craft, find community, and stay connected to your dreams. Click on each item to get more info about that event. Virtual events include one month access to the webinars.

2021 Event Schedule


1/11-1/22 BEGIN: Becoming the CEO of Your Creative Life

Begin: Becoming the CEO of your creative life, a virtual two week retreat.


2/26-2/28 JUNIPER: Publishing Conference

Juniper Writing Conference 2021


4/2/21 BLOOM: Advanced Level Class on Newsletters That Grow Your Platform, Brand, & Audience

An advanced level class on how to effectively use newsletters taught by C.J. Redwine and Mary Weber.


5/24/21-6/4/21 Renaissance Faire: Virtual Spring Writer’s Retreat

An invitation to join a virtual, Renaissance Faire themed writing retreat with writing workshops, writing sprints, and more.


7/6/21 BLOOM: Advanced Level Class on Pitching: American Idol Style

An advanced level course on pitching and querying with an American Idol style on-the-spot query critique forum.


8/21/21 Amethyst: Symposium on Becoming a Freelance Editor

A symposium on how to become a freelance editor. Includes training on developmental editing, copy edits, line edits, assessment edits, self-editing, and critiques.


9/29-10/3 ESCAPE: Virtual Writing Retreat


11/13 Amethyst: A symposium on the top 20 marketing trends writers need to know for 2022

Writer's Symposium on 20 Marketing Trends Writers Need to Know for 2022

Code of Conduct

The Writer’s Sanctuary is dedicated to an experience that is free from discrimination and harassment for every person. We have a zero-tolerance policy regarding discrimination and harassment in any form toward any of our participants, at our retreats and in the online and in-person forums. This includes unwelcome and inappropriate sexual, racist, bigoted, or threatening comments or attention, touching, stalking, photographs, intimidation, or coercion – or discrimination on the basis of race, color, religion, political affiliation, sex, gender, sexual orientation, nation of origin, disability, or age. Any retreat participants who violate this code may be sanctioned or expelled immediately without refund. If you are the victim of harassment or should a complaint arise at this event, please contact our staff at

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