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Sometimes all you need is a partner. Someone who knows the ropes and wants to cut your learning curve in half. Whether you’re looking for editorial feedback, career guidance, social media content planning, or a total rebranding, we have what you need to take your writing career to the next level. Choose from Inkblot Services’ comprehensive 6 month programs or find the perfect fit with Cherry Pie Author Services’ individual packages approach. Let’s unlock your potential!

Tier One

Perfect for the writer who needs a partner to help them bring their craft to the next level and move forward with their career goals. Receive in-depth editorial feedback on 5k words a month, brainstorming help with plot, pacing, and character arcs, goal setting and accountability, and guidance for career next steps. Includes weekly email check-ins and one 20 minute Zoom call a month to discuss edits, goals, and focus, plus editorial feedback in Track Changes on your Word document.

10 spots available

Price: $1500 flat fee or $300/month

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Tier Two

For the writer who is ready to pursue publication, Tier Two includes professional help in crafting a polished submissions packet (editorial feedback on query, synopsis, and first three chapters), plus a social media assessment and recommendations for growing your platform. This tier also includes editorial feedback on 5k words a month, goal setting and accountability, career next step guidance, weekly email check-ins, and two 20 minute Zoom calls each month.

6 spots available

Price: $3000 flat fee or $500/month

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Tier Three

The right choice for professional writers who are ready to launch (or relaunch!) their careers. Includes all the benefits of Tiers 1&2, plus assistance with social media content planning, brand assessment and guidance, a marketing plan tailored to your book and your individual strengths, and anxiety management techniques perfect for helping creatives navigate the business side of being an author. Receive weekly email check-ins and two 20 minute Zoom calls each month.

4 spots available

Price: $5000 flat fee or $900/month

To apply, fill out this form.

Query & Pitch Package

Your book is written & edited. It’s time to write your query & begin your AGENT SEARCH!!! Question is, HOW? Well, let us eliminate the stress & give you a MASSIVE head start!

What You Get:

(1) Quick & easy fill-in-the-blanks templates for your Query & Query Synopsis, along with In-Person Pitches, & TV & Film One Sheet templates! (2) Links to extensive & reputable directories of agents. (3) An e-workbook to walk you step by step through what to look for in an agent, questions to ask & expect, how to connect online or in person, & more.

Then…we’ll edit your query!

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Social Media Brand & Growth Package

Are you pre-published & need to develop a platform & find your audience? OR are you a long-time author needing to re-fresh or reach the next step? THIS IS FOR YOU!

What You Get:

(1) 60 minute zoom call. (2) A gorgeous, custom logo. (3) A Brand Style Sheet. (4) Suggestions to overhaul preferred social media platform aesthetics, growth strategies, IG filters, marketing, app, & platform ideas to maximize reader growth potential. (5) 2 packs custom IG Highlight Covers. (6) The Author Brand e-Workbook. (7) Assessment of author story brand & target audience analysis.

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Book Launch Package

The book’s written, edited, & on its way to publication – now let’s give it a solid launch! We’ll help you avoid the stress & sense of not doing enough, with a customized, professional, dynamic, & wildly fun plan.

What You Get:

(1) 90 minute brainstorming call. (2) The Book Launch e-Workbook. (3) All the TEMPLATES needed to request help from bookstagrammers, bloggers, & street team members regarding cover reveals, book launch, SOCIAL MEDIA POSTING SCHEDULE, etc. (4) A complete Book Launch Plan including a detailed calendar schedule. (5) Suggestions on how to utilize your social media, contacts, & more to give your book the extra push it needs.

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Professional Pics Package

Ever wish you had professional photos for your social media platforms? You’re in luck, because we’ve got a variety of options to fulfill your every wish!

Such as:

(1) A BOOK PROMO PACKAGE with GORGEOUS, professional, web quality photos of YOUR BOOK for your website, social media headers, ads, & other platforms. (2) TRANSPARENT BOOK COVER PACKAGE featuring your book in hardback, paperback, ebook, and phone! (3) BLANK BOOK COVER PHOTOS featuring 3 bookstagram-style photos with a blank book to superimpose your own image over. (4) Pre-Taken or CUSTOM SOCIAL MEDIA PHOTOS to save you time!

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Book Editing Package

Congratulations, your book’s finished! Now it’s ready for editing! Whether you’re looking for a developmental edit, copy edit, assessment, or something else – we’re excited to treat your masterpiece to a hefty dose of magic!

What To Expect:

We’ll do an initial zoom call to determine your book treatment needs. From there, we’ll create a personalized editing plan, schedule, & follow up. If you’re requesting fiction edits, you’ll also get our exclusive Editing e-Workbook that’s packed with simple, step-by-step instructions to tackle any rewrites, plot holes, characters, etc!

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Mentorship or Consult Packages

Are you ready to market smarter, not harder, & grow your audience fast and organic? Or maybe your motivation, schedule, & writing need a helping hand? Or perhaps your manuscript needs some clarity & direction? No matter what we can help you SERVE IT UP.

For Your 1 Time or 1 Month Marketing Mentorship details: click here!

All your 4 or 6 Month Writing Mentorship details: click here!

Let’s make something beautiful together.

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