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Ready to take the next step in your writing career? From outlining to editing, from branding to book launching, our pros have what you need! Once you’ve purchased a service, we will reach out to schedule you into our calendar. If you want to purchase developmental or line edits, please email for pricing and scheduling.

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Coaching Calls – rates vary by package

Whether you need professional feedback on your writing project (from idea to polished completion!), or you need an experienced entrepreneur to guide you as you start your own business, we have you covered. Let us empower you to unlock your dreams!

Purchase our mentorship package of 4 one hour calls to get started. Includes the ability to submit a list of questions or topics to discuss before the call and a brief write-up of call notes afterward.

If you want in-depth editing guidance or business advice, purchase our advanced package, which includes 4 one hour calls, a review of up to 4k in materials before the call, and a brief write-up of call notes afterward.

Submissions Package (fiction) – $375  Buy Now

If you’re ready to query agents and publishers with your polished manuscript, then we’ve got you covered. Receive a professional edit of your one page query, two page synopsis, and first chapter. Be absolutely certain your pitch package will stand out for all the right reasons!

Proposal Package (non-fiction) – $2300 Buy Now

You’ve got an amazing memoir to write, or you’re an expert in your field and know exactly what resource or self-help book is missing from the shelves. But how do you get a publisher to offer you a book deal? That’s where we come in! Let us guide you through the process of putting together a non-fiction book proposal. Includes a template for the proposal, 4 one hour coaching calls to help you organize and work through each section, a developmental edit of the final product and a final proofread once you’ve made your edits.

Developmental Edit – 7 cents per word

You’ve written a book, and now it’s time to let a professional help you make the story shine. Developmental edits cover story structure, world building, pacing, conflict, character development, and voice. Receive an in-depth edit letter, plus a marked up manuscript, and a 1 hour call to discuss. Let us empower you to bring your craft to the next level and produce the best story possible!

Half of the fee is due upfront. Half is due upon project completion. You will be invoiced once you fill out the form (linked in the instructions at the top).

Line Edit – 3 cents per word

Your manuscript has received a professional developmental edit, and now you’re ready to have an eagle-eyed pro go over every sentence with a magnifying glass. Line edits focus on sentence structure, flow, formatting, word choice, grammar, and punctuation. Be absolutely certain your manuscript is its polished best!

Half of the fee is due upfront. Half is due upon project completion. You will be invoiced once you fill out the form (linked in the instructions at the top).

First Fifty Pages Package – $1250 Buy Now

What if a professional could diagnose any issues in your novel and help you create a plan to fix them simply by reading a synopsis and your first 50 pages? Our editors are skilled at helping you fix story structure issues, worldbuilding, pacing, character development, and conflict escalation … and they only need to see 50 pages to do it! Get a developmental edit (including an edit letter and a marked up manuscript) and a one hour coaching call to discuss the edits. Bring your craft and your story to the next level!

Half of the fee is due upfront. Half is due upon project completion.

Marketing Mentorship – rates vary by package

You’re publishing a book … now what? Time to bring in a pro to help with marketing! Work with an experienced book marketer to develop a plan for your book, your platforms, and your career. You will receive a write up of everything discussed in each call. Let a professional do the heavy lifting to help you get the right plan in place!

Branding Package – $600 Buy Now

One of the most important tools you can develop for a successful writing career is a carefully cultivated brand. Our branding package has everything you need! Receive one two hour phone call, a logo with two revisions, a brand style guide with your color palette, font, and mood board to help guide content creation, an audit of your current platforms, a set of Instagram highlight covers, simple Facebook and Twitter headers, and recommendations on photography, filters, and aesthetics that will work for your specific brand. Use a pro to look like a pro!

Book Launch – $500 Buy Now

You’re ready to publish your book, but you know you need a solid marketing plan to get readers’ attention. We’re on it! Receive a one hour call and a write-up that includes your specific book launch plan, including cover reveal, a pre-order campaign, release week hype, and post-release buzz. Fiction or nonfiction, we know how to help!

Book Doctor – $1250 Buy Now

You have a stellar idea for a book, but you aren’t sure how to organize it. Maybe it needs more plot or you have too many ideas to ever fit in one book. Fiction or nonfiction, our pros know what to do! Receive 3 one hour coaching calls to support you as we help you organize your idea into a workable outline. Still need help after that? Sign up for our coaching calls or our developmental edit package and let us help you get from idea to polished manuscript!

Once you’ve paid, don’t forget to FILL OUT THIS FORM so we can get you started!

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