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Dates: February 26-28

Our goal this year is to offer a variety of events that are accessible, unique, & focused on two things: (1) Helping writers DREAM and (2) Filtering through the noise to what writers actually NEED to succeed in their evergreen careers.

One of the first things this looked like to us is the need for a conference that, rather than run the gamut of all things writing, specifically focuses on the ins and outs of publishing.

Welcome to JUNIPER.

An online comprehensive event empowering you to choose the right publishing path for your career, educating you to work with traditional publishers, agents, small presses, or indie publishing, and encouraging you as you bring your story into the world. This conference is perfect for every writer ready to develop an evergreen career and get paid for their work.

That’s it. That’s our goal. Educate, empower, encourage you for a long-term indie, traditional, or hybrid career.

And because we know attending conferences can often be difficult due to price or accessibility, we are making it available online and as affordable as possible.

There are three levels of Attendee Packages:

  • Wordsmith: Admission to Saturday’s full day conference, including an excellent chat by Root Literary Agent, Melanie Castillo, a panel with Jessica Khoury, Kristin Cast, C.J. Redwine, and Mary Weber, as well as all workshops given that day.
  • Scribe: Admission to the Saturday conference PLUS admission to the Friday night kick-off keynote event with NYT bestselling author Kendare Blake (get ready for a fantastic keynote, giveaways, and games)!
  • Storyteller: Admission to the Saturday conference, Friday night’s kick-off event, AND Sunday’s afterglow with a fantastic spotlight from Blackstone Publishing, two additional professional level classes, a Q&A, mentorship opportunities, & a giveaway.
  • PLUS those registered for the Storyteller admission get the option to register for a 20 minute mentorship appointment that will cover your career goals, specific marketing or branding questions, and writing advice. LIMIT 20 APPOINTMENTS AVAILABLE. Appointments will be scheduled during the week following the event.


  • $55 – Wordsmith: Pay HERE and then register HERE.
  • $75 – Scribe: Pay HERE and then register HERE.
  • $100 – Storyteller: Pay HERE and then register HERE.
  • $35 – Mentorship appointments (limited availability of 20 spots, and only open to the Storyteller attendee): Pay HERE. Hannah will contact you to schedule your 20 minute appointment. If we are sold out, she will contact you with options.
  • If paying with a Writer’s Sanctuary GIFT CARD, click HERE.


  • Friday Night – Kendare Blake, NYT bestselling author of the Three Dark Crowns series
  • Saturday – Melanie Castillo, Children’s, Middle Grade, and YA literary agent of Root Literary, Melissa Craven, bestselling author & indie publishing specialist, Jessica Khoury, bestselling author of YA and Middle Grade and mapmaker for published books, Kristin Cast, NYT bestselling author of the House of Night series (with P.C. Cast) and The Key To Fear
  • Sunday – Blackstone Publishing, book, e-book, and largest independent audiobook publisher in the U.S.
  • All 3 Days – C.J. Redwine and Mary Weber, award-winning, bestselling authors with HarperCollins Publishing


No worries! The package classes (Wordsmith, Scribe, or Storyteller) you pay for will be available for a full month following the conference. You can tune in whenever you want, dip in and out, watch, or re-watch as many times as you like at any time online through March 28th, 2021.


  • Friday night – 5pm PST, 7pm CST, 8pm EST
    • Intro, Giveaways, Keynote, Game
  • Saturday – 7:30am PST, 9:30am CST, 10:30am EST (All times listed below are PST) 
    • 7:30am – Intro & Discussion on Choosing Your Career Path / Project Options (C.J. Redwine & Mary Weber)
    • 8:30am – Setting Yourself Up For Success at Each Stage of Traditional Publishing (submissions, acquisitions, sale, developmental edit, line edit, CE, pub day, launch plan) – with Mary Weber
    • 9:30-10am – COFFEE BREAK (because COFFEEE)
    • 10am – Setting Yourself Up For Success at Each Stage of Indie Publishing (developmental edit, line edit, CE, pre-orders/pre-sale reviews, newsletter building/swap, cover design, launch plan) – with C.J. Redwine and Melissa Craven
    • 11am-12pm – Query & Pitch Workshop: Creating a query, in-person, or film/tv pitch has never been so easy or fun! – with Mary Weber
    • 12-1pm – LUNCH
    • 1pm-2pm – Building a Platform That Sells Books – with C.J. Redwine
    • 2pm-3pm – Where the Publishing Industry Is At & Where It’s Going – with literary agent Melanie Castillo & Mary Weber
    • 3-3:30pm – Having an Evergreen Career: Making a Living as a Writer – with C.J. Redwine & Mary Weber
    • 3:30-5pm – DINNER
    • 5pm -7pm – Author Panel and Q&A with Jessica Khoury, Kristin Cast, C.J. Redwine, & Mary Weber
  • Sunday – 8:30am PST, 10:30am CST, 11:30am EST
    • 8:30-10:30am – Breakfast Club – Author Q&A & Giveaways with C.J. Redwine & Mary Weber
    • 11-11:30am – Advanced Class: Top Things to Know Impacting The Future Of Publishing – Mary Weber
    • 11:30-12pm – Advanced Class: What’s Selling & Why – Using Today’s Entertainment to Create Commercial Concepts that Sell – C.J. Redwine
    • 12:30-1:30pm – Publisher Spotlight: Blackstone Publishing. A representative of Blackstone will discuss their publishing process, what they’re looking for, and how to submit, and will take questions as time permits.

WANT TO SPONSOR SOMEONE TO ATTEND? Give a gift card to support a writer in your life!

To purchase CLICK HERE.

We hope you can join us!

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